About Blaine

Blaine Locklair of Summerville, SC is a songwriter, producer, and performer. His sound is a combination of styles including five diverse decades of music: 70s Disco, 80s Dance, 90s Techno, 00s Rock, and 10s Electronica. He creates music through technology but always keeps the human element at the forefront. He uses classic sounds, such as the wah-wah sounds of guitars, mixed with classic pad synths such as the Oberheim OB-1 and the funky bass of the Yamaha DX7, combined with both contemporary and Vox vocals. He creates music that is uniquely both mechanical and organic at the same time.

His new album, Stargate, takes listeners on an aural journey throughout music and time. From sci-fi adventures throughout the world of technology, to dance tracks both reminiscent of the past and rooted in the present, Stargate is an unforgettable voyage from start to finish.

Blaine took his first piano lesson at five years old. Since that first lesson, Blaine has performed at live events in the U.S. and recorded dozens of songs. He is using his experience to help educate and inspire other musicians to create their own original works through technology.