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What I Am and What I Am Not


First, thank you so much for being a part of my ministry for Christ. I am humbled to be able to share the good news of Christianity with you and with others. There has never been a greater time for Christianity in 2,000 years, and I am so proud to be a Christian.

I have considered a ministry for a long time. For decades, in fact. I have always felt a calling to share the Gospel with others, but never felt worthy of it before now. It was never that I didn’t think God thought enough of me to do so. It was a line of thinking on my part that people wouldn’t want to hear about it. Have you ever felt that feeling when you think someone is, or will be, a “Bible Thumper”? You know, one of those people that incessantly talk about the Bible to you, mostly because they want you to know how much they know about it? Well, that ain’t me. Here’s the truth about anyone that teaches about the Bible:

I am a messenger, not the message.

Let me repeat that, because it is so important to understand:

I am a messenger, not the message.

Christ’s teachings, along with God’s teachings to the honored men and women that helped put together the best-selling book in the history of the world, are the message. My goal is to share it with you in ways that add value to your Christianity and give you the best ways to live your life to your fullest. By that, I don’t mean monetary wealth. I mean living life in ways that wealth can never provide. See, money can buy a house, but it can’t by a home. It can buy people, but it can’t buy friends. It can buy you a companion, but it candy buy you love. It can buy you a clock, but it can’t buy you time. And money can buy you extended life on earth through world-class health care (sometimes), but it can’t buy you salvation. My ministry is focused on the things money can’t buy. Which brings me to thing number two about me:

My ministry doesn’t accept donations.

I read a statistic recently that about 1/2 of all online ministries are accepting charitable funds without being properly registered with the government as a charity. It makes sense; the internet is ripe for the pickin’ for people using Christianity as a means for fundraising. As part of my decision to start a ministry, I reviewed the PTL story and Jim Bakker’s rise and fall from grace in the 1980s. Heritage USA was built in my home state of South Carolina, and I remember my mother giving money to his ministry. At that time, she was sick with colon cancer, and Christianity was very important to her. As her illness went into remission, and PTL dissolved under a wave of mistrust and federal indictments for theft and fraud, she lost her zeal for all of it for a time. Trust is always a must, no matter the dealing with others. The best way I could think of to eliminate any issues of financial trust was to not accept charitable funds for the ministry. Every year, the Secretary of State of South Carolina publishes an “Angels and Scrooges” list, encompassing the top 10 charities that give the most of their earnings to their causes and the bottom 10 charities that keep the most of their money for themselves. Here’s what I suggest: be charitable, but do your homework to make sure your money is going to a noble cause and is being spent on that cause, not “administrative costs”.

I am not a “Reverend” or any other titled person to be revered.

I have never been a big fan of fancy titles, especially in the secular world. I spent 21 years as a police officer, retiring at the rank of lieutenant. I always told my fellow officers to “just call me Blaine, because that’s the name my mom gave me at birth and it’s stuck with me throughout my life.” I am no better than anyone else, regardless of what I do. I may have a better set of teachings, principles, and actions than some others that were not as fortunate as I was to be raised with them, but God loves them as his children no less. Understand, I’m not saying that the title of Reverend is a bad thing. It’s just that the word revere means “to put on a pedestal or to lionize (make a celebrity)”. I have no intentions of being either. Revere God and his son Jesus. I’m here to share their messages with you in the hopes of adding value to you. Just call me Blaine.

I am not an empire builder.

I want, and need, your help to bring the Christian message of salvation to the world. I can’t do it alone. I am also grateful to you if you’d be willing to let others know about my ministry through my website,, or through my social channels on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Please understand, though, that this is so we can bring more people to Christ, not to me. I’m not a headhunter, and I don’t live and die by my number of followers on any platform. My purpose is to share Christianity with those that would open up their hearts and receive it, and to strengthen those that already have.

Lastly, my ministry is not a replacement for your place of worship.

I’m not here to replace good ole’ goin’ to church. That’s the reason I have my live broadcasts on Saturdays instead of Sundays. My ministry is not a church; it’s a way to learn about Christianity, but not the only way. Visit your local churches and support them. Find Christian causes that you believe in and support them. Finally, love your family through Christian values, and support them. Remember, it’s the things money can’t buy that bring life’s true happiness.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I treasure what we will accomplish together.

May God bless you, now and always.

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